Maintenance / Renovation

Skilled and certified engineers for both domestic and commercial works.

Home Management is committed to maintaining your property on a high level. We make sure all repairs and tenant issues are taken care of quickly and thoroughly, ensuring all tenants are satisfied with their rental experience.

Our professional and courteous service technicians are available to repair any plumbing, electrical, drywall, roof, sewer and basement problems your residents may have.

    • plumbing ( taps, drainage, toilet blockage, installing, moving and removing pipes and radiators etc.)
    • gas (from boiler failure to gas leaks)
    • electrics ( building our electrical systems, fault finding in circuits, fuses, light fittings, sockets etc.)
    • appliances ( new installations, removal and safe disposal of old machines )
    • handyman (general small property repairs i.e. sealing, grouting, tile repair, painting etc. )
    • glazing ( replacement glass service )
    • decorating ( lining, wallpapering, plastering, tilling etc.)
    • carpentry ( window, door, stairs, floor, furniture repair, etc.)
    • locks (all types of locks and security fittings )
    • alarm/CCTV ( smoke detection and fire alarms, burglar alarms / CCTV )
    • air-conditioning

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