Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Homa Management (division of Duna House Holding) operates along specific ethical norms, values since its foundation, and they are contained in the Code of Ethics in the form of policies, guidelines. The Code of Ethics generally determines for Home Management colleagues how to proceed with their activities. The guidelines set in the Code of Ethics are mandatory for everyone who is representing Home Management or doing activities on behalf of it or for it.

Because these norms, values give the base for our company’s good and honored business reputation, it’s important to be comitted to the guidelines and the attitude of the Code of Ethics.
We firmly believe, that this high standard of business conduct and those ethical norms, values along which we operate don’t change. These make our work recognized, honoured and our group exceptionally well-functioning, and these offer a guarantee for those who choose the Home Management brand as a client or a business partner.

General guidelines:

  • Franchise and Vice-franchise partners of Home Management carry out their activities as separate legal persons at their own risk. More

The colleagues of Home Management:

  • They should make efforts to meet customer’s needs within the framework of business ethics. More

Ethical behavior regarding the real estate profession:

  • Duna House colleagues are expected to behave with correct, ethical and fair business practices in connection with other players of the market. More
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