Rental services

We save you time and money and treat your property as our own!

Whether you are letting your own home, investing in your first buy-to-let property or a professional landlord with a big portfolio, we can support you with an excellent renting service.

Only you know how much time you can afford to spare dealing with tenants’ telephone calls and the resulting work - We save you time and money!

  • We are part of the biggest real-estate company in Hungary
  • Many International companies use our service in finding and managing accommodation for their employees in Budapest
  • With a diverse range of requirements, including both long and short term rentals, corporate tenants are often prepared to pay a premium for the right property. We offer long-term renting with paying attention to finding quality tenant
  • Our service includes online marketing activities in order to achieve the fastest return of property investment.
  • Presentation and timing are everything: we provide photographers to take professional photos, we produce floor plans and write comprehensive property descriptions, all in just one visit.
The result: your property is ready to be rented within a day.

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