Sell or buy your property with us in a trouble-free way!


Thanks to our 13 years’ experience on the property market we welcome hundreds of new buyers in our office each month. Choose us and make your property visible and available to them! Our sales colleagues know whom to show your property, and do not waste time as our common interest is the quick sale. In case your flat would be interesting to more buyers, the winner of a price-competition will only be you!

Safe Support

Our well-regulated up-to-date operation based on our expertise is the guarantee for professional and safe property transactions. Our agents provide you with adequate information on the steps of sales process and guide you through the entire process.

Center on one place

You don’t need to assign a number of property agencies! As a result of our partnership agreements, by entering into top assignment, more than 875 agencies, the full Duna House franchise team, “Smart Ingatlan” and the other key player on the market, “Otthon Cetrum” network will be working on selling your property!

Buyers are out there

Our goal is to turn those who are interested into buyers as soon as possible! Resulting from the efforts of our country-wide loan brokerage network, interested parties are given the chance to make their dreams come true by providing personal and in cases exclusive property financing options available only with us.

We Cooperate with the market

As we are part of Duna House Holding, by choosing us you are not assigning 1 agency but every Duna house franchise bureau and its more than 1400 property agents who are there to contribute to your success. resulting from top efficiency cooperation in most cases the sale of a property is managed by another colleague bringing the best buyer than the one signing the agreement with you. Country-wide and international network and joint database! That is a key to successful property sales!


Our task is to save you time and find you the best house in all aspects, and guide you through the property sale process until the signing of the sale contract, or even if you require we assist you during the taking into possession your new property.

We do not want you to go from house to house with our agent, until you get tired and buy eventually a house or a flat which might not even be your dream home. We would like to provide you as much information as possible about the properties for sale or rent in the real estate office: pictures, floor plan the legal situation etc. and in the end, you are invited to visit onlythose properties which may be really interesting and appropriate for you.

Every registered house and flat has a description with relevant basic information, photos, floor plans in addition to which, we check the title deed (dated not older than 90 days) before the activation of a new offer in every case, as it is to get full knowledge on the property before the signing of the contract in the legal office and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us straight away!

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